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  The original Orange Viva Los 1070 Shirt   Fox News: 'Viva Los 1070' Shirt Drawing Attention

Los Suns and Viva Los 1070

Fan: Immigration shirt got me kicked out of Suns game

'Viva Los 1070' Shirt Rankles Suns Security

Fans asked to Remove Pro-Immigration Law Shirts

Immigration law supporters rally at Ariz. Capitol

A full-court press on free speech

Audio: Glen Beck comments on Jim Clark 'Viva Los 1070'

Audio: Jim Clark Live on The Mike Gallagher Show

Audio: Jim Clark on Sam Malone Show KSEV Houston



"The Original"
Viva Los 1070 T- Shirt

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"The L. A. Alternate"
Viva Los 1070 T- Shirt

$12.95 plus s+h

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  Download the Official Senate Bill 1070 in PDF format

SB 1070 - 492R - Senate Fact Sheet

Buycott Arizona

Arizona Tea Party

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